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GREENchoice 4122 Weatherproof Subfloor Adhesive, 28 oz, Cartridge, Off-White, Liquid Henkel 2146715 Subfloor Construction Adhesive, 28 oz, Cartridge, Liquid/Paste, Acetone, Tan, 1.39 Specific Gravity Adhesive Subflr Deck Voc 28oz - Case of 12
Our Price: $3.79
Our Price: $3.79
Our Price: $54.99
GREENchoice 4122 Weatherproof Subfloor Adhesive Henkel 1911051 Greenseries Construction Adhesive Liquid Nails LNP-902 Liquid Nails Construction Adhesive
Designed for subfloor installations and plywood use. Reduces the amount of nailing and helps eliminate squeaky floors.  Fills gaps and irregularities between materials. Not designed for continuous submersion. 100-percent solvent-free and contains no ozone-depleting chemicals. Nonflammable formula with no offensive odor offers freeze/thaw stability and cleans up with water before setting. 10 to 120-degrees fahrenheit service temperature. Covers 355 ft. with 1/8" bead. 89 ft. with 1/4" bead and 39 ft. with 3/8"bead. Passes the requirements of APS's AFG-01 specifications and ASTM C557. Used for glued floor projects and deck constructions. Works well for general needs such as paneling, wood or pre-decorated foam panels, trim molding, and various wall tiles. Helps reduce squeaks and sound transmission. Fast set, fast cure, high bond strength, water and weather resistant, and easy cleanup. Meets AFG-01, ASTM D 3498, GREENGUARD certified, LEED requirements. Helps eliminates squeaky floors. For plywood, waferboard, lumber & treated lumber, particleboard, OSB and foamboard. Bonds wet, frozen and treated lumber. Bridges gaps up to 3/8". Reduces nailing and squeaking. Meets or exceeds APA-AFG-01 and ASTM C-557. GREENGUARD GOLD Certified.
Adhesive Subflr Deck Voc 28oz - Case of 12
Our Price: $67.99
Dap 27042 7000 Construction Adhesive
Premium grade adhesive specifically formulated for subfloor and deck installation. Prevents floor squeaks and improves the structural performance of floor assembly when used properly. Adhesive delivers a high strength weatherproof bond on wet, frozen and treated lumber, and is easy to gun in cold temperature. Adheres to concrete, dimensional lumber, masonry, metal, OSB and enhanced OSB, plywood, treated lumber, and wood. Easy to gun adhesive that delivers a strong durable bond. Meets or exceeds ASTM D 3498 and APA AFG-01. PFS Certified.